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Amazon Wings: Give Flight to your Dreams

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

If you foster ideas of contributing to business innovations that make the world a better place, helping a multitude of disadvantaged people, and nourishing their dreams and aspirations— here’s a good place to start.

As responsible citizens, come on board on amazonwings.ketto.org and encourage small businesses on Amazon.in their sustainable initiatives. These fundraisers will ease access to quality healthcare, promote community upliftment within deprived sections, and pioneer innovative product development.

Why Choose Amazon Wings?

Crowdfunding helps in connecting people from all over the world. We intend to use Amazon Wings to build transactions between our seller community and empathetic individuals who wish to propagate ideas on a massive scale.

Amazon.in sellers have an affinity to lead ventures that lend a voice to local artisans and women from marginalized communities by promoting their art and culture and creating channels that sustain their livelihood. Business objectives such as encouraging unique product development ideas also prove equally crucial for sellers to improve the quality of life across the ecosystem surrounding them.

On Amazon Wings, you as a do-gooder, can share the onus of positive reformation and make several small contributions to realize it, while also generating a healthy flow of capital in the economy.

Take a Leap of Faith with Amazon Wings

Changing someone’s life for the better can change yours too. There’s no substitute to making an impact while pursuing your larger goals.

So, do your little bit and help promising entrepreneurs influence meaningful transitions for mankind. Trust us, when we say that it is those little bits of goodness that ultimately counts. 

Come, join the movement in making the world a better place.